Thursday, April 28, 2011

This Texas Baby: The Birth Announcements

Alright, here is what everyone (everyone? haha, the whole 2 people who read this thing!) has been waiting for... the birth announcements!

So, here is what it looks like when it came in the mail:
The envelope is a shimmery pink.

Let's open it up:
Pull it out a little:
Look a little close:
Gah, could she be any more adorable?

Here are a few full shots:
The polk-a-dot paper is the back of the announcement. 

A few close ups:
The whole thing:
(Probably should of put the announcement on top of the envelope...) 
I had so much fun making these, I love doing this kind of stuff though. I was very happy when I was done with them! It's not that they were hard or even really time consuming, it was just finding the time to MAKE myself do them! After Sadie would go to bed I didn't want to do anything, so I had to force myself to finish them.

A few detail notes... the shimmery pink envelope is the same color as the piece that has all of Sadie's info on it, I inked the edges of that piece. The photos I actually had printed on photo paper and then just trimmed down to size. I cut the "S" out with my Silhouette and mounted it on to the piece with 1/8" thick tape, just to give it a little depth. Oh, and I also "made" the double sided paper.

I freaking love them. I have one sitting on my mantel and I find myself sometimes staring at it thing about how awesome I am!

(For reals, if anyone needs anything like this done for party invites, announcements, wedding invites, thank you notes, etc let me know! I love doing this stuff, so I'd love to give you a price.)


  1. Hi Meredith - I'm not quite sure how I found your blog (it was when you were doing your wedding posts), but I've kept you on my Google Reader and now know all about Sadie. I'm a huge TX music fan as well, and am in NB a bit in the summer, so I keep thinking I'll eventually run into you - ha!

    I LOVE paper crafting as well, so I can appreciate all of the work it took to make these - they are PRECIOUS!! Great job! You have reason to be very proud of yourself!

    Just thought I'd come out of lurking and say hello...

    -ReneƩ (Missouri City (Houston))

  2. Those are awesome!!! I'm not crafty AT ALL so I am very impressed. You should think about starting your own stationary business - seriously!