Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Texas Baby: Week 20 Check-In

Can we  talk about that four pound wait gain for a second? After searching my brain, I really think it has been about two weeks since I weighed last. Four pounds over two weeks is not as terrible as four pounds over one week, right? Still I am not thrilled about it. I knew that I was going to have to gain weight at some point. I was just so darn proud of myself for not binging the 1st trimester and gaining 20 pounds and I wanted to keep that going! If I am honest with myself those four pounds probably mostly come from slacking on the working out. The last few times I went to my workout class I found myself unable to keep up and having bladder problems during any jumping activities and dizziness during anything that involved getting up and down. I keep saying I'll go for walks or do workout DVDs but that has yet to happen. Sigh, on to the rest of the post!
BABY'S TASK FOR THE WEEK: Practice swallowing! And since you are starting to swallow lots more amniotic fluid I need to make sure I am eating things I want you to like since you taste buds are developing too! (Maybe this will kick my butt into gear with eating my veggies!)

SYMPTOMS: Still getting tingling/numb legs if I sit still long, but I think that is just how it's going to be from here on out. Tight clothes, does that count as a symptom? I have decided I am ready to go buy some maternity pants and some looser tops, who knows that might help my tingling/numb legs!

FAVORITE FOOD OR CRAVING: Nothing new this week!

CURRENT MOOD: SO FREAKING EXCITED! We find out if we are having a boy or a girl on Monday, and let me tell you it can not get here fast enough. I think Robert is trying to be the calm and reasonable one about this, every time I start getting excited about it he douses me with a "you know we might not find out on Monday". Which I know, the baby might not be in the right position and all that, but, like I have told him, I'll keep going back every day until they CAN tell me!

THIS WEEK'S GETTING READY FOR BABY FINISHED HOMEWORK: Not too much this week. I have decided to take a calmer approach to finding a daycare in that I just want to visit the ones on my list and see how I feel about the after that. Yes, I know looking up the info on the state website is good but at the same time I want to feel comfortable with wherever we choose.

NEXT WEEK'S GETTING READY FOR BABY HOMEWORK: Read some of the new books we got. Start planning how to paint and decorate the room, since we'll finally know if we are having a boy or a girl!


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