Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This Texas Wedding: Misc

In my head I had two more wedding posts before the end of the wedding recaps. But after some thinking I have decided not to do those posts.

One was going to be all of the paper products I created for the wedding, but the problem is I don't really have any good photos of the items. I have some lame ones I took on my dinning room table. Maybe one day I will pull everything out and do a nice photoshoot of everything. However if there is anything anybody out there reading this would like to see, let me know and I will send you pictures.

The other post was going to be about budget. But after going through a very messy drawer filled with receipts and adding them all up I decided it would not be a very helpful post for anyone. I don't have mu receipts sorted out by category and a lot of them I am not even sure what they are for. I did however come to the conclusion that I went over my self appointed budget by about $3k, which makes me sad. But on the bright side we have paid everything off from the wedding, it took us less than 6 months to do that probably closer to 3, so I am ok with going over by so much.

I don't want to let the cost of my amazing wedding color my view of it, that could be another reason I don't care to do a budge breakdown post!


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