Friday, June 11, 2010

This Texas Wedding: Walking Down the Aisle

Now it was time to start getting every one down the aisle.

The boys started heading that way

Robert's mom and step-dad

My mom and brother

Bridesmaid Shannon

Maid of Honor Rebecca

Matron of Honor Melanie

Flowergirl Susannah
(I think she was very worried about tripping and falling on our rocky ground!)

Finally! Time for me and my dad!

He was telling me something the whole time walking down there, not that I could tell you one word of it now!

I edited the above picture myself, I loooove it so much. The people on the left side were kind of distracting.

Apparently whatever he was saying was super funny. Or I was just getting super excited!

Ohhh, I see Robert.

Finally there!


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