Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wedding Sadness to Happiness

So this weekend Robert and I went to a wedding for a good friend of his in Waco. It was a very pretty wedding. The ceremony was at an older church, but I am sure that it had special meaning to the bride and groom and their families. It is pretty close to where the bride's grandparents live. And the reception was on the grounds of this BEAUTIFUL historic home. The lovely couple is having a great time in Costa Rica right now, so jealous!

While we were at the wedding I got a little down. Mostly I got frustrated that Robert and I are probably going to have to pay for our wedding ourselves. I know my parents would help more if they could, so I am not going to get mad at them. But I just hate that I have to compromise. We are going to Las Vegas in July and Robert told me we should get married there. But as quick and easy as that sounds, I don't want that. I want the pretty dress and having all my family and friends around to share that day with me. I want something I will remember forever. Not something that is done and over with in a drive thru chapel in Vegas! Sorry if that sounds bitchy or rude or whatever, but it is just how I am feeling.

I told Robert that I thought we could have a backyard wedding for $5000. He finally told me that if I could prove to him $5000 is all we would spend then he would be maybe willing to do it!

So here goes. I have to plan a $5000 wedding!


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