Tuesday, December 30, 2008

First Post

Hmm, well I have not had a "blog" for almost 2 years, but I feel like there is a A LOT going on right now and having this space to vent through will help me.

If you did not figure it out through the title, I'm planning a Texas wedding! Now I am very excited about this but I am also getting very stressed out and we have not even been engaged 2 weeks!! But I think that is just my personality and who I am. My amazing boyfriend, woops I mean fiancee (still so weird to say), and I keep tossing out the just jumping on a plane to Vegas and doing the deed there. But I think both of our families would be semi upset with us.

So, not only am I going to try and plan this whole wedding thing, I determined to get in shape this year! Which for me mostly means exercising and just moving more. I already eat pretty good, I could do better, but I am not willing to sacrifice good food just to look better. Hence the exercising more!

Ok back to the "fun" stuff, the wedding planning! (I'll keep posting about how the weight loss is going still.) I have to say I am really at a loss for what to do. Where do I start! Do we pick a place first? Pick a date? What if we pick a date and the place we want is booked? What if the place we love can't hold how many people we want? Does that mean we need to work on a guest list first? As you can see, I feel a little overwhelmed. Bu it's ok, because I know that whatever happens will be amazing. Just the getting there that might not be so amazing!

One of my big things I am struggling with right now is the feel I want. I do really want a rustic-y, ranch-y, country feel to it but at the same time I want something simple, clean and elegant. And I think I am going to have to come up with a way to merge the two together to be completely happy.

Here are a few things I know for sure:
I want to wear cowboy boots under my dress, for the whole wedding, ceremony too.
I am going to buy Robert a nice pair of boots for his wedding gift.
I want Susannah to be our flower girl.
I want the ceremony to be outside, at dusk if not after, with trees over head strung with sparkling white lights.
I want a sit down dinner.
I want our first dance to be "Wrapped" by Zach Walther.
I want my hair to have grown about 6 inches by the wedding day!
I want to make the most amazing invitations.
My cake will be Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Filling and Roberts will be Yellow Cake with Chocolate Filling.
I want to take dance lessons before the wedding so I can really dance during the reception!

Ok, I think that is it for now, it's amazing how much better I feel getting some of this down..


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